Interview 101: Teacher Edition

and land your DREAM JOB..."


I've Actually Done What You're Trying To Do...

For years I struggled as a teacher trying to land that ideal teaching position.  

I struggled to find my ideal position and when I did I was spending my valuable time working for a school I didn't want to be at and teaching a curriculum for which I had no passion.  

After several years of being an uphappy teacher, I finally moved on to become an administrator where I was on the other side of interviewing.  

I was able to see what so many aspiring teachers were missing in their interviews and what was holding them back from landing their ideal teaching position.

I knew there had to be a better way to help others get the exact teaching position that they wanted.  

That's when we decided to create an online course that would help new and upcoming teachers land the teaching positions they were seeking.

The Rest Is History!

Within a few months, we have been able to help so many aspiring teachers land the exact position that they are aiming for. 

If you are trying to secure a teaching position that you will be happy in, you have to stand out from the competition.  

You can't do the same things as all the other potential teachers out there and hope to get better results.  

That's where Interview 101: Teacher Edition comes in.

We created this self paced course to show you exactly what our clients have done to differentiate themselves from all the others and to give you a step-by-step blueprint to execute what you learn.  

Let's do this!
Summary Of This Amazing Product:

STEP 1: Landing the Interview

We show you how to craft a professional looking resume, cover letter, digital portfolio, build your professional network and complete that application.

STEP 2: Preparing for the Interview

Learn how to research a school, essential documents to prepare, night before preparation and wardrobe do's and don'ts.

STEP 3: Nail the Interview

Interview virtually like a rock star, learn the secrets of body language, understand what schools are looking for today and answer those all too complicated, common interview questions correctly!

STEP 4: Follow Up Like a Pro

This is the only way to end an interview... Learn how to follow up the right way.

See What's Inside


See for yourself...

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After helping dozens of current and aspiring educators just like you to transform their lives by landing a position at a school…

A position that surpasses what they thought they could attain on their own…

And enables them to work exactly where they want to work, do exactly what they want to do, and actually master the interview process...

We've finally decided to share this secret with educators outside our Inner Circle of private clients.

This four-step packaging playbook has been proven again and again. 

Here's a small sneak peak of what's inside:

 Step 1 - Landing the Interview...

Crafting a professional resume and cover letter
Creating a digital portfolio
Building your Professional Learning Network
Online application must-do’s

 Step 2 - Preparing for the Interview…

Knowing everything about a school
Essential documents to prepare
Night before preparation
Wardrobe Do’s and Don'ts

 Step 3 - Nail the Interview…

Interviewing virtually
Body language secrets
What schools are looking for today
Common interview questions, demystified

 Step 4 - Follow up like a Pro…

The only way to end an interview
Following up the right way

And until now the only way to get your hands on this knowledge was to actually become a client (some have invested upwards of $1000 to learn this from us)...

But for right now, for a limited time, we are releasing this exclusive course to educators outside our Inner Circle...